Outdoor Living, Mauku

Client Brief:

Extend timber structures into the garden and create a dry, warm outdoor room for outdoor living

Specific Challenges:

  1. Create a dry, warm area for relaxing in
  2. Reduce existing high-maintenance garden areas
  3. Extend the timber structures into the garden.


  1. We built a new pergola to match the existing, using PSP roofing and guttering to keep the area underneath dry.
  2. Some of the garden was turned into lawn and we put a thick layer of mulch through the remaining garden areas.
  3. We built a small pergola to match the existing and to provide a viewing corridor from the house out into the garden. Underneath Bluestone crazy paving was laid at a higher level than the lawn and garden to keep it dry.


The boys are doing an amazing job in such horrible weather

. – July 2017 –


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