Driveway Drainage & Mud Stop, Bombay



Client Brief:


Remove/redirect water that floods the backyard and lower the risk of groundwater polluting sunken water tanks.




Specific Challenges:

  1. Directing large volumes of water away from the property
  2. Attractive planting to attract attention to the front entrance
  3. Keep surface water away from the house


  1. We built a channel out of retaining timber and lined it with polythene.  Water was directed into this with field boulders cemented in place either side of the start of the channel
  2. Planting of lavender grosso, Loropetulum burgundy, Isotoma fluviatilis, buxus topiary balls, rain lilies and Camelia ‘Early Pearly’.
  3. Keep surface water away from the house

Mike Pinker

We were very impressed and very grateful for the service the Paradise Team gave us. We had a very simple plan drawn up by Alex McCLew and Paradise Landscapes brought it to fruition. Their team were great. They listened to our suggestions and we listened to theirs. They were keen and always willing to oblige and their goal was always to have a satisfied client. They never failed to go the extra mile and we would recommend them to anyone looking for a quality job without going over the top!

. – May 2017 –


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