Concrete Patio, Pukekawa

Client Brief:

Create a modern and usable front entrance and patio.


Specific Challenges:

  1. Establish correct levels for water run off
  2. Correct poorly placed cobblestone path
  3. Replace uneven brick patio


  1. Replaced patio with concrete patio with black oxide and ornamental cuts, acid wash and sealer

Mike Pinker

We were very impressed and very grateful for the service the Paradise Team gave us. We had a very simple plan drawn up by Alex McCLew and Paradise Landscapes brought it to fruition. Their team were great. They listened to our suggestions and we listened to theirs. They were keen and always willing to oblige and their goal was always to have a satisfied client. They never failed to go the extra mile and we would recommend them to anyone looking for a quality job without going over the top!

. – May 2017 –


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