Landscape to add value before selling your Auckland property

Research shows that houses with good gardens sell faster and for a better price.  Landscaping before you sell your property can be an easy and inexpensive way to add significant value to your property.

Rather than spending time and money on creating an elaborate garden, studies show there are four key areas to focus on when landscaping to improve the value of your home.

4 of the best ways to landscape to add value to your home before it goes on the market

  1. First impressions sell a property

Tidiness and hard landscaping features are generally the first things people notice about a property. Start at the road and walk to your front door and observe everything you can see in this short journey – this is your first impression.

Replacing, mending or painting a front gate or fence will enhance the first glimpse of your property and get buyers feeling optimistic. From there look at the paving – replace cracked pavers and spray for mold and weeds where necessary. It’s all about creating a favourable impression that this property has been consistently well-maintained.

Take a close look at your planting at the front of your property. Trim anything obstructing pathways or creating unwanted shade. Rather than being too severe with trimming and removal of withering plants, focus on the end goal of an appearance of “tidy and low-maintenance”. After weeding fill in any obvious gaps with uniform planting and mulch generously to suppress weeds and give an impression of an easy-care garden.

  1. A tidy lawn adds value to your home

A lush lawn will make any home stand out with the appeal of an expanse of tamed, green, family-friendly space.

If your lawn is full of weeds, spray with a weedkiller for lawns and see a noticeable effect within a couple of weeks. Then you can oversow with a lawn seed blend to thicken up and green the lawn.

Edging the lawn is also a powerful and easy way to make the lawn appear well-controlled and low-maintenance, which are often important selling points.  Most popular with our clients are timber (stained or unstained) and pegs for an easy lawn edging, or cobblestones laid into concrete. For a short term fix simply use a sharp spade to define and edge the boundary between lawn and garden.

  1. Planting to enhance and disguise features

Planting to add value to your home before selling needs to be focused and give results in the short-term. Mass planting and the use of larger grades of plants can be the most effective ways to give the effect of a well-established, landscaped garden.

Mass planting of varieties such as carex grasses, lomandra, irisine or chionochloa will give your garden an instant effect of uniformity and order, often important selling points. Plant using good quality garden mix to boost growth and mulch well to complete the look. Then use specimens to draw the eye to focal points in your garden – for example clipped topiary near the door will draw attention to the entrance.

Flowering annuals or perennials give any garden a lift and a sense that the property is loved and well-cared for. Plant around the letterbox or in pots or hanging baskets –then you can take the plants with you to your new property!

Sometimes it’s a matter of disguising less attractive parts of the property. Install trellis or wire framing against an old shed or fence, even painting it first, and then plant a fast growing climber such as clematis (or passionfruit or grapes if selling in the Auckland summer) to quickly bring some beauty to a previously neglected spot in your property.

  1. ‘Social garden’ a hot trend for improving market value

The garden should be seen as an extension of the house, a space or ‘room’ in which to socialise, entertain or relax. Thoughtful investment in creating this space can easily add value to your home.

Choose a space as close as possible to the house and exits outside, for example adjacent to a verandah or ranchsliders/stacker doors. Quality paving or decking will create the footprint for an outdoor patio area to enjoy with friends or family. Add interest and ambiance with surrounding planting, in-built seating, an archgola or even a firepit.

This ‘social garden’ can be a stunning focal point when presenting your home for sale, evoking in the buyer an instant favourable impression of what the house would be like to live in.


Paradise Landscapes is experienced in all areas of hard and soft landscaping, creating beautiful outdoor spaces since 1999. Add value to your Auckland property by focusing on street appeal, an appealing lawn, attractive planting and constructing or enhancing a beautiful outdoor entertaining area.