Dream Garden Checklist

Consider these ideas to get your dream garden:

  1. Shapes, colour, texture
  2. Parallel lines with your home
  3. Blocking or enhancing views
  4. Shelter from wind / privacy
  5. Nice features in the foreground to detract from the background
  6. Thick mulch covering to suppress weeds and retain moisture
  7. Usage – play areas for children and pet friendly
  8. Levels – retain to claim back unusable steep areas
  9. Foliage colour the same colour to complement colour of house
  10. Nice wide welcoming entrance
  11. Specimen trees to frame your house and enhance street appeal
  12. Planting for birds or bees
  13. Hedges/planting to form outdoor rooms and break up long shapeless areas
  14. Paths to high wear areas and direct routes from carpark , utility areas, etc
  15. Low light / windy areas between house and fence solutions, eg natural pebble pavers



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